OL!BA’s Annual Shift Your Shopping Pledge Drive Under Way

ImageIt’s gift-giving time once again! As a gift-giver, nothing says you’ve nailed it more than witnessing a smile appear on your gift recipient’s face, when your present is unwrapped Christmas day. But what puts a smile on this buyer’s lips is knowing the gift was bought from a locally-owned business.

It’s hard to beat a gift that comes from your hometown; since, your purchase helps support a local, independent businesses as well as your own local economy. In a 1991 study, Patricia Frishkoff, a professor at Oregon State University, analyzed charitable giving by firm size. The Business Contributions to Community Service study found companies with fewer than 100 employees gave an average of $789 per employee in cash and in-kind donations, compared to $334 per employee at firms with more than 500 employees.

Join Shop Local Omaha | Omaha Local Independent Business Alliance (OL!BA) and more than 150 business networks and 40,000 locally owned businesses for the third annual grassroots holiday Buy Local campaign, Shift Your Shopping. Again this year, the Shift Your Shopping campaign is led in partnership with our national affiliate, the American Independent Business Alliance (AMIBA). OL!BA brings the campaign home to the Omaha metropolitan area.

“We’re excited for another year of Shift Your Shopping – the annual ‘Buy Local’ holiday campaign aimed at strengthening locally-owned and independent businesses in our community,” said Ellen Scott, founding Shop Local Omaha | OL!BA board member and The Bookworm participating merchant.

So, we are in agreement that local gifts are the best!

Given that fact, Shop Local Omaha | OL!BA encourages our family, friends and customers to participate in Shift Your Shopping Pledge Drive which has been extended through Christmas. Need some local gift-giving ideas? Read our previous blog posts below for some hometown gift ideas.

So, with your holiday wish list in hand–go shopping for the perfect holiday present and pledge to participate in Shift Your Shopping to a local independent business this year. Stop by our blog on one of those dates and leave a comment below. Tell us your favorite shop local gift to give. Those readers who participate will be entered into a drawing for gift cards from Shop Local Omaha | OL!BA merchants. Your name and email address must accompany your entry.

Still need some more holiday gift-giving ideas, check out our entire Shop Local Omaha | OL!BA directory listing at http://shoplocalomaha.com/Directory. Most importantly, remember this holiday you can’t go wrong with a gift from a local indie business!

(Editor’s note: A full Shift Your Shopping OL!BA poster is available at this link for participating store owners to download.)

~By Becky Bohan Brown
Shop Local Omaha | OL!BA communications coordinator and founder/blogger of population-we, LLC.