Shopping local: Blondo Nails

I’m really not a “do my nails” kind of person (not that there is anything wrong with getting your nails done), but I do enjoy a good pedicure every so often. My first pedicure was actually just a couple of years ago. (How sad is that?) But since then, I have gotten 3-4 pedis per year at a number of different places around Omaha. My favorite: Blondo Nails, on 120th and Blondo. Unfortunately, they don’t have their own website yet, but they have fabulous reviews across the web. This is the only nail place I have been to more than once.


I had a family member invite to take me out for a pedicure since it’s supposed to be warming up outside, and warm weather usually means wearing sandals. (Of course, spring in Nebraska does not always mean it’s warm out.) I was happy to take her up on it. My toenails were in need of some attention:


Toenails before

We went without an appointment on a weekday morning and were helped immediately. Customers can choose from a wide array of polish colors and relax in fancy massage chairs. In addition to the traditional pedicure, they also give a hot-stone leg massage. There are a number of men who work here, which is nice for variety. I’ve also seen a number of men in this salon getting their own pedicures or manicures.


Awesome massage chairs

So there you have my favorite local nail salon. Check them out so you’re ready when the weather warms up! (It has to happen sometime, right?)


Finished toenails

*Editor’s note: Blondo Nails does not know who I am, and I did not receive any compensation for this blog post. I just enjoy getting my nails done there. I did leave them a business card encouraging them to join ShopLocalOmaha!

Also, please excuse the quality of my photos. My phone is not “smart.”


Shopping local: Mama’s Pizza


Mama’s Pizza has been a restaurant staple for my family for as long as I can remember. I grew up loving their bubbly crust, slightly browned cheese, and zesty pizza sauce. My parents would swing by their Saddle Creek location, which was close to our house, and pick up a couple pizzas for Friday Night Pizza Night. I would tag along with my dad, who would sometimes give me a few quarters for the arcade or buy me a pop at the bar while we waited for our pizza to be ready.

Now, I get to share my love for Mama’s with my own kids. Luckily, Mama’s on Saddle Creek is just a few minutes away from my current house. The red-orange shag carpet they had on the walls during my childhood is long gone (they have since remodeled), but they still have an arcade, bar, and plenty of TVs for sports fans.

Mama’s Midtown, courtesy of Intuit Business

The pizza is still just as delicious. Our little family of four can devour a medium pizza (even though both our kids are under the age of 5) so we recently upgraded to a large. We like the leftovers. Pepperoni and vegetarian (which has TONS of veggies on it) are our favorites. They also have great appetizers and other main courses if you’re craving something else.


Mama’s Veggie pizza, courtesy of

Mama’s also has plenty of space for parties and large gatherings. If you live farther out west, they have a location at 156th and Pacific Street. (I have never been to that one, but I’m guessing it’s good, too.) If you haven’t tried it, you should. There are lots of great local pizza places that will make it worth your while to skip over the chains, and this is definitely one of them.

*Editor’s note: Mama’s Pizza is a member of ShopLocalOmaha, but otherwise they do not know who I am and I received no compensation from them to write this blog post. I just like their pizza, people. 🙂

(Also, please excuse my lack of original photos for this post. I forgot to take a picture of the pizza until it was half-eaten, and a half-eaten pizza does not look nearly as appetizing as a whole one!)

Shop local? Why should I?


Here at ShopLocalOmaha, we tell you to shop at Omaha’s local, independent businesses. But why? Here are a few reasons:

-Local businesses provide a “main street” feel and add to the city’s uniqueness.

-Studies show that for every $100 spent in a local business, $68 stays in Omaha. That’s compared to $43 for every $100 spent at a national chain store.

-Local businesses often give superior customer service when compared to their chain store counterparts.

indielover-Shopping local is environmentally friendly. Local businesses often buy from local suppliers, which saves on shipping costs, fuel, extra packaging, etc.

-Buying from local businesses encouragesentrepreneurship. Help those small business owners thrive!

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