Shopping Local: Baby Junk

Baby Junk is a fun little boutique store tucked away in Rockbrook Village (10915 Prairie Brook Road), where shoppers can find baby supplies and support the local economy simultaneously. According to their Facebook page, they provide products that help parents “nurture babies naturally.” A lot of friends have told me about this store, and I was eager to give it a try. I headed over to pick up a toy for my baby girl, who will be arriving in about a month.


If you are interested in cloth diapering, Baby Junk is a great store to check out. They have a huge wall filled with colorful, modern cloth diapers. You can find specialty diaper detergent, wipes and accessories there, too. They consign used diapers for those who are looking for less expensive options, or want to try cloth diapering without making a big financial commitment. If you want to cloth diaper your child without washing the diapers yourself, they also have a diaper service.


Additionally, the store carries clothing, high-quality toys, breastfeeding supplies (including nursing bras), furniture, slings, baby carriers, natural medicines and other unique items. I picked up one of these popular toys and have hidden it away for my baby girl’s Christmas present.


I loved their mod furniture, including this awesome orange gliding chair. 


The great thing about this store is their knowledgeable workers. They can help customers get fitted for post-partum gear, choose the right brand of diapers, and pick out the perfect gift. They also offer a variety of classes, including Cloth Diapering 101 and Solutions for Baby Colic. If you don’t have time to go to Rockbrook Village, you can shop through their website as well. They even have an online baby registry option.

I will be back, Baby Junk! And if you have a baby or know someone who does (or will), you should head there, too.

Editor’s note: The people at Baby Junk do not know who I am, and they did not provide me with any compensation for this post. I just enjoy shopping there. For more information about local, independent businesses, visit


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