Shopping Local: Wohlner’s Neighborhood Grocery & Deli

Wohlner’s has been a family-owned Omaha grocery staple for almost a century. It used to be located on Leavenworth, but within the last handful of years relocated to its new Midtown Crossing location. It’s right on the corner of Dodge and 32nd streets.


Aside from being local and independent, there are lots of things I enjoy about shopping at Wohlner’s. The first thing is the parking garage.


Customers can park for free for up to three hours at a time. It’s great because it’s not a busy parking lot, and, compared to large chain grocery store parking lots, I feel a lot safer when I go there with my kids. I don’t haveto walk far to get to the store’s front door. It’s also handy when the weather is bad. Last time I went to Wohlner’s there was a rain storm, but I didn’t have to worry about getting wet on my way to the car. 


Inside, the store has fabulous produce, an extensive wine selection, grocery basics and hard-to-find gourmet products. They also stock locally-produced items, like eggs, cheese, bakery items, etc., and they have fresh sushi (delicious and reasonably priced!) around the lunch hour.


Probably what Wohlner’s is best-known for, though, are its deli and meat counters. With butchers on staff, Wohlner’s is famous for its quality meat and seafood. You can also grab a quick bite to eat from the deli, where they offer delicious breakfasts, sandwiches, burgers, soups, fried chicken,sides, and much more. 


I have enjoyed Wohlner’s friendly service, and the smaller store layout makes it much faster and easier to get everything I need. So instead of heading out to a chain grocery, go try Wohlner’s at Midtown Crossing. You won’t be disappointed!

Editor’s note: I did not receive compensation from Wohlner’s for writing this post. I just enjoy shopping there!


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