Shopping Local: Dragon’s Lair Comics (Guest Blog)

In case you didn’t hear, many local, independent comic book stores hosted Free Comic Book Day on Saturday, May 4. My husband, Tony, decided to go check it out and offered to write a guest blog about the store he visited, Dragon’s Lair Comics, located on 83rd and Blondo streets. Here’s his take:
While working at my day job, I received an instant message from my wife that piqued my interest: “It’s Free Comic Book Day!”
I have never been one for comics, but I DO have daughters who love cartoons, one niece that loves Manga and two other nieces that love to use their imaginations in general. I also remembered that I needed a set of dice for a game I have been playing with friends.
Dragon’s Lair Comics has been a staple for comic book and gaming lovers in Omaha since 1975. They sport a fantastic and mind-boggling selection of comics at two locations. They also have anything you might need for gaming with friends and family.
The first thing I noticed when I walked in on Saturday was how busy it was. The store was clean, in order and hopping like crazy. A gentleman wearing a Superman T-shirt was at the front of the store, directing people and answering questions with professionalism. He pointed me to boxes of comics where one could grab up to 10 comics for free – 10! – as well as walls of comics where customers could pick up to 5. Finding comics my 4- and 2-year-olds would love was easy. I grabbed three more for my nieces.
Checking out was just as pleasant of an experience as speaking to the gentleman at the front door. I let them know I needed a set of dice, and they were prompt in producing a box full of options, clearly marked with pricing. Total spent: $4.12.
Whether you have kids interested in art and imagination, or you are looking for a fun game to play with friends and family, Dragon’s Lair Comics delivers. Help support another local independent business by checking them out. I’m glad I did!
Editor’s Note: The author did not receive any compensation from Dragon’s Lair in exchange for this post. He just enjoys shopping there!

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