Shopping Local: Sakura Bana

When I was growing up and into my young adulthood, I honestly thought sushi sounded disgusting. Raw fish? Gross.

It wasn’t until we were out of town visiting some friends a couple of years ago that I decided to give sushi rolls a try, and I was hooked!

The search to find a great sushi restaurant in Omaha was on. And while we have tried a few places, there is one we come back to again and again: Sakura Bana, a Japanese restaurant tucked away in a strip mall south of West Dodge Road and 74th Street.


Sakura Bana, courtesy of

Walk in and you will see the sushi bar, tables, and booths. The tea rooms in the back are great for some extra privacy or corralling children. There are also a number of flat-screen televisions hung throughout the restaurant for those who don’t want to miss the game while they eat. Right now, the restaurant is decorated with colorful paper cranes.


Sakura Bana has consistently great sushi, and the entrees are excellent as well. FYI for Japanese food newbies: not all sushi is raw. There are lots of sushi rolls that include cooked fish or other seafood. Also, if you don’t want to try sushi, there are other great things to order, like their tempura or teriyaki dishes. My favorite starters are the miso soup and the salad with carrot ginger dressing. Some of our favorite sushi rolls are the Crunchy California Roll and the Paradise Roll. You can see their full menu here. We try something new every time we go and have not been disappointed. They also have excellent sushi happy hour specials, and they offer take-out.


Delicious sushi rolls

Sakura Bana has now become our go-to place when we want to celebrate or are just craving some great sushi. In our opinion, their sushi is better than what you will find at some of the more expensive places around town. And as an added plus, it’s a local, independent business that we can support. Give it a try, and let me know what other sushi places you enjoy.

Editor’s note: Sakura Bana does not know who I am, and I did not receive any compensation from them for this post. I just love their food!


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