Shopping local: Indian Creek Nursery

The weather is finally starting to warm up, and I have been looking forward to planting flowers and sprucing up my yard. Luckily, I live near a local, independent nursery that provided a great selection of flowers, herbs, and veggies for my garden this year.


Some of what’s going in my garden

Indian Creek Nursery on Saddle Creek Road, just north of Dodge street, is where my mom always shopped when I was young, and it’s now where I take my kids to pick out plants. I am a gardening novice and haven’t earned my green thumb yet, so I need help picking out the right supplies sometimes. The shop workers were friendly and happy to answer any questions I had about choosing the right plants, containers, and fertilizer.

Outside they have a sprawling garden center with greenhouses full of beautiful plants and hanging baskets. They also have trees, shrubs, and mulch.


One of Indian Creek’s greenhouses

Inside, they have lots of seeds, bulbs, containers, accessories, fertilizer, and wonderful gifts. Stop by there this weekend and I’m sure they can help you pick out a beautiful Mother’s Day present for your mom’s garden. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to say hello to their long-haired cat, Captain, who acts like he owns the place (and probably does).


Inside Indian Creek’s store


A peek at Indian Creek’s pots and gifts

Be sure to shop local and independent as you work in your garden this spring. The quality and customer service are well worth it!

Editor’s note: Indian Creek Nursery does not know who I am, and I did not receive any compensation from them for this blog post. I just like to buy their rose bushes, tomato plants, etc. For more information on Omaha’s local, independent businesses, visit


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